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Hope HQ, 25 Parkside, Ringwood BH24 3SG



Acts 4 Sharing is a charity built around the message of Acts 4v32: "All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had."


Our aim is to rediscover church & be an outward looking community that loves & shares to make a difference. Acts 4 Sharing is not a church in itself but aims to encourage communities to be (Koinonia) and share like the people in the Biblical Book of Acts.

The vision of Acts 4 Sharing was born in 1996 when the founders heard a sermon I preached. It has been encouraging to see the way in which they have pursued that vision by getting their hands dirty, serving and working alongside others. They have done this consistently and with dedication. The launch of Acts 4 Sharing takes their work on to  a new stage, building on the wisdom and experience they have accumulated. Their vision is to serve and to help others do the same. I am happy to endorse their work and commend their ministry.


Rev Ian Coffey MTh,

Vice Principal (Strategy) & Director of Leadership Training

Moorlands College


accepting others on the basis that Christ has accepted them / sharing our lives together / developing deep friendships with others in the Body of Christ / giving time to serve others in the church / practising forgiveness / hospitality – both giving and receiving / being willing to bear other people’s loads in practical ways / looking out for others’ interests / being willing to help others grow / learning to resolve differences in a healthy way / not avoiding difficult, uncomfortable things / laughing together / crying together / being willing to lay down our lives for one another / loving until it hurts 

Community garden, vegetable patch, community project




Responds to referrals seeking to provide Acts of Responsive Kindness to people in need through: community projects, DIY, gardening, provision of second-hand furniture, white goods & household items.


Inclusive Community

We seek to help people often rejected by society to find value, self worth and potential employment by

  • Giving opportunities to serve on projects

  • Sharing life skills & offering practical help for applying for benefits & jobs

  • Offering practical help & support with additional needs

  • Providing a safe & welcoming place to enjoy company & find a listening ear



At Hope HQ families and individuals who face poverty and disadvantage can choose their own clothing, bedding and curtains. Families and individuals are referred to us through professional agencies. *



*All clients & participants of any Acts 4 Sharing project are considered by referral or application.

Deliveries are usually within a 25 mile radius of Ringwood, Hants.

We aim to build ‘Koinonia’ (community) and encourage all people to serve and share together.

We work towards the reduction of C02 emissions, landfill and business waste.

Community garden project



So, where are we heading? Where do we see Acts 4 Sharing in a few years time?


Initially we need to stabilise the projects at Hope HQ, grow a core team of volunteers and enable the projects to reach their full potential. (If you have a passion to help within our local area please check out how you can volunteer, we’d love you to join the team.)


We want to offer opportunities for people to learn and grow; to discover their talents and to use them to help themselves and others.

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